Fees and Policies

Fee Schedule


Item No

Standard Fee

Discounted Fee

Short Assessment




Standard Assessment




Complex/Diagnostic Assessment




Standard Feedback Session + Detailed Report



Complex Feedback Session + Detailed Report



Report Only

$125.00 - $400.00


Item No

Standard Fee

Discounted Fee

30 minute session




45 minute session




60 minutes or longer




Discount Policy

The “discounted fee” applies to invoices paid by the due date.  If an invoice is not paid within the allotted time period then the discount does not apply.

Payment Options​

Payment needs to be by cash or direct deposit - within the specified time to receive the discount.

​Payment options will be discussed with the therapist at the commencement of therapy.


A rebate is able to be claimed through private health insurance.  It is advisable to check with your health insurance provider what rebate you will receive, as this varies between funds and policies.

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans are also accepted.  A GP referral is required.

Cancellation Policy


If your child is unable to attend a scheduled appointment, at least 24 hours notice of the cancellation is needed. You are required to negotiate rescheduling of the missed appointment with the therapist or pay for the missed session. Language, Speech & Learning Services may waive the cancellation fee under exceptional circumstances.

Keeping your child's time slot

Session times are offered on a termly basis. If you cancel or do not attend more than 2 of the sessions agreed to at the beginning of each term (1 if attending fortnightly) you will be charged the full session fee for any further sessions that are missed in order to keep your child’s therapy time slot.